Scored Invocations

Onassis AiR art residency program, invited four design studios to interpret the outcome of the artists groups (movements) that participated in the program in 2021. Myself in collaboration with communication expert Danae Syrkou, were commissioned movement II with the thematic title “Scored Invocations”. The artists used various methods including fortune telling as starting points for their practice. Therefore, I followed this process, creating random design, in an almost metaphysical way, where decisions were made instantly and without a second thought.A key input was a series of Tarot Cards that divided the chapters, illustrated by Katerina Karali. In the end, every page had a unique mystical layout.

In collaboration with Danae Syrkou. Illustrations: Katerina Karali. Editor: Alkistis Efthymiou. The rest of the publications were designed by Typical Organisation, Bend and Studio Precarity.

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